Cannabis Cultivation in California - Environmental Issues and Regulations

Cannabis Cultivation in California -

Environmental Issues and Regulations

Cannabis cultivation in California presents unique challenges to environmental protection.  Environmental impacts have become a focal issue because the industry is under intense scrutiny by both regulators and special interest groups, especially with the passage of Proposition 64, the California Marijuana Legalization Initiative.  Environmental issues consist primarily of water diversion and overuse, sediment pollution, habitat conversion, pesticide exposure, and migrant worker conditions. The entrance of agri-business into a craft market, the use of solvents to create new products, legalization at the state level, and criminalization at the federal level, have created a confusing and complex regulatory arena for the nation's largest untaxed commodity.  The regulatory decisions that are made about Cannabis cultivation will transform California's landscape on a scale similar to that which occurred with the wine industry.
G. O. "Geo" Graening, PhD, MSE, and Co-Owner of Natural Investigations Company
Dr. Graening holds a PhD in Biology and a Master of Science in Biological and Agricultural Engineering.  Dr. Graening has 17 years of experience in environmental assessment and research, especially in NEPA and CEQA compliance.  Dr. Graening has worked extensively with endangered species, ranging from bioinventories and the discovery of new species to the creation and implementation of habitat conservation plans and recovery plans.  Dr. Graening also serves as an adjunct professor at California State University Sacramento and is an active researcher in the area of conservation biology and groundwater ecology.  He is co-owner of Natural Investigations Company which provides a full spectrum of environmental consulting services, with a special focus upon environmental assessment and cultural & biological resource management.


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